Arturo de la Mesa

Arturo de la Mesa

Arturo Hernández (Arturo de la Mesa) is a graduate of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts – West, Professor Dan Lee’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy, and Pacific Dance Academy in California.The Milwaukee Ballet II Company originally brought him to the Midwest. Since then, Arturo has danced professionally with City Ballet Theater, Gustavo & Krystal’s Everything About Dance Studio team, Ko-Thi African Dance Company, Danceworks Performance Company, Dance Circus, and Salsabrosa Dance Company. In addition, he has been an active member and instructor of Zumba Fitness at various dance studios and gyms in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Other training and credits include: East Towne Ballrooms, Capoeira Nago Milwaukee, and Island Touch Milwaukee. Arturo teaches a Low Intensity Zumba Class at the Delaware House on Thursday mornings at 10:30am. This class is perfect for beginners to Zumba, for the over 60 crowd and anyone looking for a fun class that goes at a slower pace. To start the class with Arturo, you can contact him directly or you can simply show up to the class.

“The Dance, of all the arts, is the one that most influences the soul. Dancing is divine in its nature and is the gift of God.” -Plato

Watch this video about Arturo’s Zumba classes at The Delaware House.