Zumba at The Delaware House

Zumba Classes with Arturo de la Mesa

Arturo is the Zumba teacher at the Delaware House.  He teaches a Zumba Fitness Low Impact on Thursdays at 10:30am in the upper studio.  Arturo has been a certified Zumba Instructor since 2013, but he also has extensive training in many styles of dance.  Arturo likes to break down the choreography for people during each class to get them more comfortable with the movements.  He also believes in making his class a warm environment which eases the anxiety of new-comers or people who may be anxious about dancing in front of others.  The students who take Arturo’s class truly love it!  They leave energized and happy and are always ready for the next class.  If you are interested in joining this class, you can simply show up on any Thursday morning at 10:30am.  If you have questions for Arturo, you can contact him directly. 

Learn more about Arturo and get his contact information here.

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