Zumba at The Delaware House

Zumba Classes with Arturo de la Mesa

The Delaware House has a unique low-impact Zumba class designed for the 60+ crowd.  This class is taught by Arturo de la Mesa every Thursday at 10:30am.  Arturo has a background in ballet, salsa, African dance and ballroom as well as Zumba Fitness.  He teaches Zumba Fitness in a variety of dance studios and gyms in the Milwaukee area, but he only teacher his 60+ Zumba here at The Delaware House.  His current group of students leave each class feeling exhilarated from the great workout and excited to return the next week.

Arturo uses fun Latin music for his dance routines and keeps his class progressing without using intimidating patterns.  His students always have a fantastic time. 

To join this class, you can simply show up on a Thursday morning at 10:30am.  If you have any questions, please contact Arturo directly. 

Learn more about Arturo and get his contact information here.

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