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Capoeira Classes

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian cultural tradition that blends martial arts, dance, music and more. Capoeira is practiced like an artistic game and is often described as a playful dance-like fight or a fight-like dance, whichever you prefer. Capoeira has a long and complex history. It is an expression of the African diaspora—a synthesis of cultural traditions, mixed, adapted and transformed by enslaved Africans in Brazil into a cunning fight for freedom disguised as dance. Once used as a weapon for survival, today Capoeira is practiced around the world and celebrated as an Afro-Brazilian art, sport, and cultural heritage. Whether your interest is physical, artistic, cultural or a combination, Capoeira is for everyone—liberating the body, mind and spirit.

Our Capoeira class at the Delaware House offers a mindful practice with exercises designed to improve rhythm, balance, flexibility,  strength and endurance—aiming to create greater mobility, awareness and overall physical dexterity. We practice in a controlled and deliberate way, gradually building flowing sequences that allow us to fully experience the movements as well as their health benefits. The exercises are accessible to everyone, as the training and movements can be adapted to each person’s fitness level or state of health. With regular practice, Capoeira can help improve and maintain your health and well-being.

Music is integral to Capoeira and you will learn to play five musical instruments including the berimbau (musical bow), pandeiro (tambourine), agogô (metal bell), reco-reco (bamboo scraper), and atabaque (hand drum). You will also sing traditional Capoeira songs. Capoeira’s artistic quality provides many healthy benefits, like relieving stress, building confidence, awareness, empathy, self-esteem and much more.

Capoeira classes with Prof. Steve Antonson at the Delaware House are for any adults in the Milwaukee area who want to learn and experience the art of Capoeira. The classes will introduce you to traditional style of Capoeira known as Capoeira Angola. Our goals are to have fun, get a healthy workout, learn fundamental Capoeira Angola movements and music techniques and experience the joy of playing Capoeira. No experience necessary. You are welcome to join at any time.

Capoeira Class Details: