Personal Training

Personal Training

Want to take your fitness to the next level?  Or are you just getting started and need motivation?  The Delaware House in Milwaukee offers you one-on-one sessions with your personal trainer in a private training studio.  Our personal training studio is equipped with the latest in fitness equipment.  In fact, the Delaware House is one of the only places in Milwaukee that has the Cali Lift Glute Developer, which is specifically designed to give you strong, healthy hips.

Free Personal Training Consultation

Each trainer at the Delaware House will sit down with you in your Free Consultation to discuss your personal goals and design a program to achieve those goals.  They are comfortable working with someone who has never worked out at all, to the more advanced athlete.  They will focus on your form and pay special attention to your posture and body mechanics to ensure a work out that is intense but will never injure you.

Personal Training + Physical Therapy at The Delaware House

Another benefit of having your personal training sessions at the Delaware House, is the close contact each trainer maintains with the Delaware House physical therapist.  If concerns arise regarding your body, Kathy Howell PT is available for a quick consult to keep your workouts on track.

Meet Your Personal Trainers

Each trainer has their own style and one may be better-fitted to meet your specific needs.  Jen Stark is the Delaware House Pilates expert, Ashley Smith has a passion for power lifting and Yumelia Garcia, a former principal ballerina, interlaces her dance experience with her personal training knowledge to create each client’s workout routine. To find out more about each trainer, reach their bio pages.  You can contact them directly to set up your Free Consultation and get started with your personal training goals.

Meet Your Personal Trainer