West Coast Swing Dance Lessons at The Delaware House!

West Coast Swing Dance Lessons at The Delaware House!

What is West Coast Swing?

West Coast Swing is a slower, bluesy version of swing that leaves a lot of room for individual interpretation. If you are looking for a fun dance style that can be danced to today’s music, you will love this style.

West Coast Swing Classes at Milwaukee’s Delaware House

At the Delaware House, Mike Konkel and Sheli Schroeder are the resident experts in West Coast Swing. They are the 2017 US Open Swing Dance Champions and they run the Milwaukee Rebels Swing Dance Club, which promotes West Coast Swing in the Milwaukee area.  They have lessons at the Delaware House on Sunday evenings. They have a beginning, intermediate and advanced classes, but you must check the Class Calendar to see which Sundays they are teaching, as the number of Sundays they teach varies each month.

In addition to group classes, Mike and Sheli are available for private lessons and they hold a West Coast Swing Practice Party once a month here at the Delaware House. If you are ready to begin your West Coast Swing journey, simply show up to one of the group classes, or contact Mike and Sheli directly from their bio page.

We look forward to seeing you and dancing with you at our next event or class!

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