Salsa & Bachata Dance Lessons at The Delaware House!

Salsa & Bachata Dance Lessons at The Delaware House!

Learn some Latin flair! Salsa and Bachata classes at the Delaware House will help beginning level dancers master the basics and take intermediate level dancers to the next level with skills refinement and hot moves.

Salsa and Bachata Teachers in Milwaukee

The Delaware House has several teachers who can help you improve your Salsa and Bachata skills. <a
Melissa Dexter, Betsy Guerrero, Jessica Wharton and Matt Woida are all available for private lessons. And, Matt Woida and Betsy Guerrero, run three group classes a week at the Delaware House and they host Salsa Social monthly called First Fridays. This well-attended social is the longest running salsa social in the city of Milwaukee. Matt and Betsy have made it their goal to build a strong and inclusive Latin dance community. You will find people of all ages and ethnicities at the classes and the First Friday Social.

Attend a Salsa or Bachata Class Today!

To begin improving your Latin dance skills today, browse the bio page and contact any one of these instructors today. Or, you can check out the class calendar and attend the next Salsa or Bachata group class. Remember, at the Delaware House, there are never any contracts required.

Meet Your Instructors