This isn’t your typical meditation class! Dance’N Music Meditation is a fun class where we connect with mind, body and spirit through the instruments of voice, (live) music and dance. This class creates the environment for inner peace, healing, and FUN! So, don’t expect everything to be at a slow pace in this class because we also like to break a sweat and we take it up a notch! BRING YOUR WATER!  Each class is intentional and unique as it caters to the people in the room at that given time by the exploration of different genres of music, voice and inspired movement. This class brings freedom not only to the mind, body and spirit, but it exudes to all areas of a person’s life! So bring your yoga mats, voice, journals (if you have them), water bottles and come dance,sing and meditate to the music, to freedom, to being ONE (mind,body and spirit)!  Contact Quintress at 1-414-426-9292 for more info