Brazilian Samba Dance Classes

Brazilian Samba Dance Classes

Karlies Kelley is the Brazilian Samba teacher here at the Delaware House – but, to call this class strictly Samba is not truly representing this class. Karlies is originally from Panama and began her dance career as a Panamanian Folkloric dancer. She moved to the United States in 2004 and performed as a Latin Dancer while earning her BFA in Dance with a concentration in African Diasporic dances at the University of Milwaukee – Wisconsin. She specializes in Latin dance, but has cross-trained in African, Modern, Ballet, Jazz, and Aerial Dance and she has a love for the Cultural Latin America Dances.

Brazilian Samba Classes at The Delaware House in Milwaukee

Karlies has been teaching at the Delaware House since 2008. Karlies is continually evolving as a teacher, and she has created this Monday night class for women only. The Delaware House is a warm, energetic and safe environment for women of all ages and ethnicities to come together and explore the Latin Cultural Dances. Karlies has a dynamic and creative approach to teaching. She often gives the women skirts to wear and even has guest live drummers accompany her. Karlies is interested in the empowerment of women through dance and the community it creates.

If you are interested in participating in this exciting, woman-only dance class, check the class calendar to make sure Karlies is in session, or contact Karlies directly from her bio page. Karlies is also available for private lessons in Salsa, Bachata and has an exciting dance performance company called Panadanza.

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