West Coast Swing at the Delaware House

West Coast Swing Classes at The Delaware House

Mike Konkel and Sheli Schroeder are the 2017 US Open Swing Dance Champions, and they bring their dance skills and enthusiasm to The Delaware House on Sunday nights. If you are looking for a fun way to get out and dance to the music on the radio today, this is your dance style. West Coast Swing is becoming more and more popular; both in Milwaukee and around the world.  Mike and Sheli have been teaching and dancing together for over 17 years. They have a friendly teaching style and students of all experience levels are welcome. They teach several times a month on Sundays (but not every Sunday). Be sure to check out The Delaware House class schedule to make your plans for class. They always have beginner, intermediate and advanced classes and every once in a while, they have a practice party here at The Delaware House, so you can try out your new dance moves.

Learn more about West Coast Swing classes at the Delaware House!

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