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David Vajgrt is the Martial Arts instructor here at the Delaware House.  He has studied many styles of Martial Arts throughout his life, and currently holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt under Sensei Sahnya Thom as part of the distinguished Universal Systems of Karate.  He teaches under the direction of Sensei Sahnya Thom as part of the Windhorse Martial Arts Club.  David stresses that although you will learn how to defend yourself in his classes, that is not the sole focus.  His classes also teach what he refers to as the Warrior Path.  David’s goal is that what his students learn inside the classroom can also be applied outside the classroom.  They are not just becoming better fighters, but also better people.  They will also become more confident in their abilities to handle themselves in any type of conflict.  His classes are on Sundays from 8am until 10am.  If you would like to join the class or just have more questions for David, please contact him directly.

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