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Chelsey Bence teaches yoga here at the Delaware House on Wednesday nights at 6:00pm.  Chelsey teaches Alignment Based Hatha Yoga.  In her class, she uses props such as chairs, straps and blocks to help her students achieve the poses in a safe and healthy way.  The goal is to move the body towards  perfect alignment.  Chelsey’s training is rooted in the Kripa Foundation Iyengar Yoga, under her mentor Father Joe Pereira.  In her classes, students will experience breathwork (Pranayama), the physical postures (Asanas) and some aspects of meditation.  Chelsey’s class is for every level and every age group.  She will adjust the class to your level.  If you would like to join Chelsey’s Wednesday night class, you can simply drop in.  Or, you can contact Chelsey directly at 410-790-0662.

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