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Jessica Sartori is a professional ballroom instructor here at the Delaware House.  Jessica began dancing in a variety of styles at the age of 10, and she has been teaching and dancing ballroom professionally for over 10 years.  Jessica teaches the group classes at the Delaware House.  On Monday nights at 6:30 pm she teaches a Ballroom Basics class which is a class that is designed to start from scratch each week.  There is a different dance taught each Monday.  For this class you do not need experience, or a partner and it is ok to just drop in.  Jessica also teaches a more advanced class on Wednesday nights at 8:00 pm that is a progressive class.  In the Ballroom Level 2 class, each class builds on the class before, and the dance is changed each month.  In addition to the group classes, you can practice your skills at the monthly Ballroom Social that Jessica holds each month.  This is always held on the 3rd Friday of every month from 7:30pm to 10:30pm and it begins with a 45-minute group class.  Jessica likes to stress to her clients that while ballroom dance includes dances like waltz and foxtrot that are elegant and slow, it also includes dances such as samba, cha-cha and swing which can be sassy, fun and sexy.  Jessica is a talented teacher who is very passionate about her work.  She is available for the group classes listed above or you can book a private lesson with her.  Please contact Jessica directly to schedule your lesson, or just show up to either one of the group classes. 

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